Coming soon….. a new, large format, fully illustrated, much anticipated new edition of Gamehawk. A treatise on the management of the peregrine for the best flights at British lowland game by Ray Turner and Andrew Haslen.

This new version of a modern classic book in the falconry world, will be 160 pages long and include full colour illustrations of over 100 paintings and studies. There will also be a signed and numbered limited edition of 50 subscriber’s copies. These will include an original painting, deluxe cover and binding and will be presented in a slip case. Subscriber’s will also have their name printed within the book.

We are now taking pre- orders on the Limited Subscriber’s Edition.

To order a copy please email

Details of Subscriber’s Edition:

160 pages

300 x 250 mm

Over 100 colour illustrations, paintings and studies

+ An original painting inside

+ Limited to 50 copies, each one signed and numbered

+Your name printed within the book on a subscriber’s list

+Deluxe binding and slip case

+Invitation to view the accompanying exhibition first

£475 each (+P&P)


Details of the standard edition:

160 pages

300 x 250 mm

Over 100 colour illustrations, paintings and studies

£95 each (+P&P)

“For 30 years I have wanted to make a new collection of artwork to illustrate this book. For one reason or another I never got round to it. Now that I’m retired from gallery duties but working with Parkinson’s I felt it was now or never! It has become a real labour of love and is inspired by the time I spent flying falcons in my early life.” Andrew Haslen

Image: Andrew and Tassa 1977

Andrew is currently finishing the paintings and setting out the pages of the book. By the end of September we hope to have all of the artwork disk ready for the printers. Printing will take place in November and the book will be available for delivery in December.

The paintings from the book will be available to buy in an exhibition once the book is finished. Subscribers will have an opportunity to view and buy from the exhibition first.